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There are many established methods of treatment for both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. Examples of treatments methods (non inclusive) are massage, dry needling, active release technique, heat, ice, vibration, taping, exercise, including stretching, and other passive modalities like therapeutic ultrasound. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue manipulation (IASTM) is one of those methods. IASTM or tools assist in reducing adhesions and increase healing rates of targeted tissue.

Specially designed tools are used to apply longitudinal pressure along the course of tissue. The tools facilitate the clinician’s ability to detect altered tissue properties, as well as facilitate the patient’s awareness of altered sensations within the treated tissues. Increased vibration within the tool is believed to be an indication of abnormal tissue properties. Additionally, the tools are believed to provide a mechanical advantage that allows the clinician to achieve greater depth of mechanical force transmission than can be produced with hands. Tools also reduce compressive stress on the clinician’s hands which can prolong the career of a manual therapist.