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Acupuncture and FDN use similar needles, but they are very different in the application and goals of treatment. Acupuncture uses insertion points all over the body based on meridians and focus on balancing energy or Qi in the body. Dry needling in physical therapy practice involves objective examinations of the neuromuscular system and functional body movement patterns to identify areas of impairment or deficit.

Is there any risks associated with FDN?

Some individuals experience a little bruising or minimal bleeding at the insertion site of the needle. Some report a feeling of achiness for a few hours after the treatment session.  All of these are completely normal.

While risks associated with dry needling are minimal, a conscientious dry needling practitioner will be well-versed in precautions, contraindications, and potential complications associated with dry needling. There are certain areas of the body that require more caution than others, but will always be discussed during your initial consultation to determine if FDN will even be beneficial to you.