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What is MotusX?

Our name “Motus” is a Latin word meaning “movement”. “X” (ten) represents the 10 components of physical fitness. Here at MotusX our focus is on movement and the healing power that comes through movement. We believe that in most cases an individual’s pain or lack of motion is a byproduct of decreased movement.

Often in physical therapy there is a more general approach to treatment of pain and rehabilitation. However, at MotusX, our evaluation process is a full body assessment of optimal movement, or the lack of, throughout the body. We offer a “whole body” approach to treatment and rehabilitation in order to treat the underlying issues that could be causing the symptoms. Because of this approach we typically do not have to see patients as often. Goals can typically be met with 1-2 visits per week.

Currently we are a cash-based company. We do not accept insurance. There are many benefits to this model. Clients are often scared by the cash based model. But what we have found is that most clients end up saving money by the time they are discharged from therapy services. Most individuals are unaware of their co-pay when they sign up for therapy services. Co-pays can often range from $30-75 for each therapy session. If a client is going to therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks that quickly adds up. Whereas, paying $70 a session with MotusX 1-2 times a week proves to be much more cost effective.

At MotusX our primary goal is to rehabilitate individuals, not only to their prior level of function, beyond their expected outcomes. We strive to treat individuals with a one-on-one treatment approach in order to allow them to have a quality of life that encompasses the 10 components of physical fitness.